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52nd NORDTEK conference

Student Meeting

Student Meeting

The Student Meeting will be organised on 11th-13th of June.

Tuesday 11 June 2024
16.30Gathering in the front of (river side) Radisson Blue Marina Palace and taking the Vesibussi (Water bus) to Ruissalo island (Tickets will be arranged)
Programme at Ruissalo:
- Dinner at Ravintola Tenlén
- Going through the NORDTEK 2024 programme and getting to know each other
- Some outdoor activities if the weather allows
- Going back with the Vesibussi (schedule to be confirmed)
Wednesday 12 June 2024
Venue: A102 Armfelt, Arken
Conference programme
Thursday 13 June 2024
Venue: G105 Atlas, Arken
08.30-09.00Morning coffee (in the Main lobby, Arken)
09.15-10.15Participating in the Contact persons meeting (Venue: G106 Kosmos, Arken)
10.30-11.30Session with Linda Mannila (Associate professor in Helsinki, AI in society)
11.30-13.00Lunch and Networking
13.00-14.45NORDTEK and the student network, now and in the future:
13.00-13.30 Pre-meeting discussions
13.30-14.45 Student meeting
1. Opening
2. About NORDTEK, Peter Göranson, Secretary General
3. Revision of the Bylaws for The NORDTEK Students
4. Election of Chairman
5. Election of The Board of NORDTEK Students NORDTEK
6. Student Meeting 2025
7. Discussion of future Activities, Action Plan 2024/25
8. Others
30 min break
15.15-16.15Participating in the NORDTEK Engineering Education symposium (Venue: A202 Helikon, Arken)
16.15After work! (place to be confirmed)

The Student Meeting is where the new Student President is elected each year. The Student President can be from all of the member organization in the NORDTEK collaboration.

The student board consists of Student President, Vice – president and 6 board members, one from each country of NORDTEK.


Oshani Weerakoon
University of Turku

Ann-Louise Hakalax
Åbo Akademi University