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Welcome to the 52nd NORDTEK conference

11–13 June 2024 | Turku, Finland

Welcome to the 52nd NORDTEK conference

Welcome to the 52nd Annual NORDTEK Meetings and Conference, taking place from 11 June to 13 June 2024, in Turku, Finland.

NORDTEK is a network of 30 technical universities in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The yearly NORDTEK meetings bring together teachers, researchers, and administrators from these universities. The main conference, June 12th, is open for anyone to attend. The theme of the main conference day is


Presentations by leading AI researchers and practitioners explore the current technological landscape of AI and its impact on the field of engineering; on the engineering profession, on education, and on new technological opportunities, and also on the limitations and threats of AI. All conference talks are invited; there is no call for submissions.

In addition to the main conference, the program includes the following activities, all taking place on June 13th, 2024:
• Engineering Education Symposium
• Students’ meeting
• Contact persons’ meeting
• Rectors’ and deans’ meeting

The conference is a great opportunity to engage in discussions and share insights with colleagues in NORDTEK universities about the implications of AI for engineering and its education, and to network with accomplished and influential experts in the field of artificial intelligence.

Warm regards,

NORDTEK 2024 organising committee

Registration opens

10 January 2024

Registration deadline

24 June 2024


12 June 2024


13 June 2024

Discover Turku

Turku, with its rich history dating back to the Middle Ages when it served as Finland’s capital, is an enchanting city that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. It is of compact size, most everything is easily accessible by foot. The conference venue, and the two organizing universities, are a short stroll away from the city center. Join us at NORDTEK 2024 in Turku!

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About Nordtek

NORDTEK is a network of the Technical Universities in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The members represent 30 universities, more than 180,000 students, teachers and researchers.